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Saturday, October 16, 2004

[Picture] IrDA Wireless Remote Control/Laser Pen

[IrDA] IrDA Wireless Remote Control/Laser Pen

This product can be used together with Microsoft PowerPoint or other software to control the "next page" "previous page" function, while also function as a Laser Pen to point out your point of importance on the whiteboard.

Price: RMB 268 (about $32)

[Picture] Soniq Cast Aireo 2 MP3 Player

[Wi-Fi] Soniq Cast Aireo 2 MP3 Player

SoniqCast's Aireo 2 is a 20GB MP3 player that, on outward appearances, looks indistinguishable from a number of iPod clones that have flooded the market in recent months. But Aireo 2 sets itself apart by combining portable music storage and playback with 802.11b-based wireless networking as well. Users can download music over the Wi-Fi connection and access audio content including news, weather, finance and sports through content service providers. A hot spot locator lets users find Wi-Fi connections as they move. And a full-band FM transmitter lets users play their Aireo 2 songs from their car stereo.

The Aireo 2 features a 2.3-inch backlit LCD display and USB 2.0 interface. It measures 2.6 x 4.1 x .74 inches and weighs 6.3 ounces. It plays MP3, WMA and WAV audio formats. Aireo 2 includes SonicSync -- audio content management software for Windows PCs; no Mac software was available at the time this article was posted. SoniqCast is seeking OEM partners interesting in shipping their own branded version of the product -- pricing was not available.

Price: N/A

Friday, October 15, 2004

[Wi-Fi & Bluetooth] HP Wireless-G and Bluetooth Printers

The series Feature wired and wireless networking. Print, scan and share photos practically anywhere at home. It's easy with built-in wired or 802.11g wireless networking—share printing, scanning and memory cards with networked PCs. Get wireless printing and more using your notebook and all-in-one. Print photos from camera phones or other Bluetooth wireless technology devices.

HP Photosmart 2700 All-in-One series
Price: $399 @ HP online store

HP Officejet 7410 All-in-One
Price: $499 @ HP online store

HP Deskjet 6840 Printer Series
Price: $199 @ HP online store

[News] Broadcom Wi-Fi's HP Printers

IRVINE, Calif. — Broadcom Corporation, a leading provider of highly-integrated semiconductor solutions enabling broadband communications, today announced that its popular 54g technology has been embedded into select HP printers, the industry's first with built-in IEEE 802.11g connectivity. Utilizing Broadcom's maximum performance Wi-Fi solution, the HP Photosmart 2700 All-in-One series, HP Officejet 7410 All-in-One and HP Deskjet 6840 Color Inkjet Printer provide a fast, convenient way for consumers and small businesses to share printing and scanning functionality between one or more PCs on a wireless network.

Full story:

[Picture] D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G730AP Wireless Pocket Router/AP

[Wi-Fi] AirPlus G DWL-G730AP Wireless Pocket Router/AP

The DWL-G730AP is a portable and convenient wireless solution for the traveling business person delivering 802.11g wireless connectivity with a maximum wireless signal rate of up to 54Mbps*. Use it in conference rooms, hotel rooms, or even at hotspots.

The Wireless Pocket Router/AP might be small in size, but is huge in functionality. The DWL-G730AP supports multiple operation modes including: Access Point (AP) mode to create a wireless connection; Router mode to share an Internet connection; and Wireless Client mode to connect an existing wireless network. Easily switch between these modes by using the 3-way configuration switch located at the bottom.

In AP mode, the DWL-G730AP can be used to create a wireless network in a room where a single Ethernet port is provided. Now multiple wireless clients can connect to the network at the same time to share resources and files.

In Router mode, the DWL-G730AP can be used to share a single broadband Internet connection, such as in a hotel room. The internal DHCP server automatically assigns IP addresses to ensure everyone in the room can connect to the Internet. In addition, the DWL-G730AP supports VPN Pass-through and firewall features including Network Address Translation (NAT) and MAC filtering to protect your wireless network from malicious attacks.

When set in Wireless Client mode, the DWL-G730AP allows connection to an existing wireless network, without having to install complicated drivers or additional software. For added mobility, the DWL-G730AP can be powered over USB if power outlets are not available.

The Pocket Router/AP supports WPA-PSK to secure your wireless data communications. In AP mode, the DWL-G730AP adds support for 802.1x user authentication with an external RADIUS server. For setup and configuration the DWL-G730AP can be accessed via D-Link's user-friendly Web-based utility.

Easy to pack and convenient for traveling, the DWL-G730AP comes with an attractive traveling case which also provides accessories including cables and a power adapter. Increase productivity and enjoy the benefits of wireless connectivity while on the road with D-Link's Pocket Router/AP.

Price: $99 @ D-Link online store

Release Date: Oct. 14, 2004

[Picture] Logitech? Mobile Bluetooth? Headset

[Bluetooth] Logitech® Mobile Bluetooth® Headset

Free yourself from tangled headset wires and still enjoy long hours of talk time with the Logitech Mobile Bluetooth® Headset. This lightweight headset clips comfortably to your ear and connects cordlessly to your Bluetooth mobile phone. Best of all, it boasts an incredibly long battery life: one charge lets you talk for up to 7 hours.

Soft-touch surfaces give the headset a comfortable feel. And the adjustable, swing-out boom features a noise-canceling microphone that enhances audio quality by blocking out unwanted background noise—great for loud environments like airports, trains, or trade shows.

  • Up to 7 hours of talk time for every charge
  • Flexible, soft-touch headset for a comfortable fit on either ear
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Works with all major Bluetooth mobile phones

Price: $99.95 @ Logitech online store

Release Date: Oct. 14, 2004

[Wi-Fi & Bluetooth] OQO Model 01 Ultra Personal Computer

OQO has announced volume shipments of the OQO model 01 ultra personal computer start from 14 October. Weighing just 14 ounces, the model 01 is a complete PC that runs Microsoft Windows XP, based on a 1GHz Pentium-class processor, 20GB hard drive and 256 MB of memory in a pocketable form factor. The new product combines major advances in PC design with patented miniaturization technology to provide all the functionality of a laptop in the form factor of a handheld.

The new OQO model 01 measures 4.9" x 3.4" x 0.9" and offers a 800 x 480 outdoor-readable display, with 3D-accelerated graphics. Built in WiFi provides connectivity to wireless LANs, WiFi hotspots, and wireless Internet service providers. With integrated Bluetooth users can connect to peripherals such as mouse and keyboard as well as to wide-area mobile data networks via Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. The model 01 also includes native FireWire and USB for connecting standard PC peripherals plus several integrated input devices including: a thumb keyboard with mouse buttons, TrackStik pointing device, multimode thumbwheel and digital pen.

Docked with a full monitor and keyboard the model 01 is no different from today's PCs. Using the computer undocked, mobile workers and consumers can utilize the full capability of Windows XP everywhere they go.


[Picture] OQO Model 01 Ultra Personal Computer

[Picture] Microsoft Standare Wireless Opcital Mouse

[ISM Radio] Microsoft Standare Wireless Opcital Mouse

This wireless optical mouse features a new button design that gives you a whole new way to click. The scroll wheel makes navigation a breeze, and long battery life means fewer battery changes.

Price: $22.99 @

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

[Picture] Cellink Mini Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit BTHF-6600

[Picture] Cellink Mini Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit BTHF-6200

[Bluetooth] Cellink Mini Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit BTHF-6200/6600

Cellink Bluetooth Handsfree BTHF-6200/6600 is the most advanced and smartest cordless solutions on the market. It integrates the wireless freedom with the comfortable feel of a traditional handsfree.

No cradle is needed because it mounts easily on your dash board, and lets you make and receive calls using a Bluetooth radio link – with 10 meters and above between you and your phone. Voice dialing feature enables you to make calls with both hands on the wheel and without taking your eyes off the road. And it also allows you to store an additional 20 voice tags, to end, dial, redial, and switch dual calls, all at your fingertips. Your phone can stay in your pocket, on the back seat, inside of your bag, or anywhere in the car.

Cellink Handsfree BTHF-6200/6600 is not just for convenience and comfort but also for safety concerns. In other words, it will soon becoming a truly necessity. Advanced feature, such as Caller ID LCD backlighting displays, allows for easily viewing in darkness.

BTHF-6200/6600 is compatible with all Bluetooth phones compliant with Bluetooth v 1.1 and support both headset and handsfree profiles. It is designed to suppress noise, eliminate echo and produce duplex sound for crystal clear calls.

Difference: 6600 is for both Car use and Office use, and has phone book function that allows you to save up to 20 sets most frequent numbers.

Official website.

[Picture] Wamio Wireless Universal Bluetooth Keyboard

[Bluetooth] Wamio Wireless Universal Bluetooth Keyboard

The "world's" first Bluetooth compatible Universal Portable Keyboard. Designed to the Bluetooth SIG Certification standards, our keyboard includes support for the broadest range of Mobile products and Operating systems.

Supported Operating Systems:
• Palm OS 4.x and 5.x
• Symbian OS 7 or >
• MS Windows XP
• MS Windows CE/ Pocket PC/Smarphone 200x / Embedded CE / Windows.NET
• J2ME enabled devices (JSR82 compliant)

Release date:Q2

[News] New WiFi VoIP Chipset Unveiled

The new voice over wireless LAN chipset includes a pair of chips that have the capability of four earlier chips. This means not only the elimination of two extraneous chips, but also power-filtering and other integrated hardware and software for those extraneous chips, according to Monica Gupta, Broadcom product line manager for wireless VoIP products. So handset manufacturers will be able to produce smaller, lower-cost VoIP-capable phones.

Full story.

[News] Wi-Fi enabled digital cameras expected in 2005

"Since digital camera manufacturers are expected to introduce WiFi-enabled digital cameras in 2005, this study shows that there is already a growing potential market for WiFi-enabled digital cameras," says Michelle Slaughter, Director of Digital Photography Trends at InfoTrends/CAP Ventures. "As the consumer digital camera market matures, it's important for manufacturers to consider emerging sub-segments like this one to target a growing market of replacement digital camera buyers, who are initially more likely to appreciate advanced features, such as WiFi-enabled cameras."

Full Story.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

[Bluetooth] palmOne Tungsten T5

No Wi-Fi, no Palm OS6, this product doesn't bring much excitement.

Price: $399
Release date: Nov. 3rd

[Picture] palmOne Tungsten T5

[Bluetooth] SonyEricsson HBH-300 Bluetooth Earphone

[Guangzhou, Oct. 12th] Doesn't it look like an ack-ack (antiaircraft gun)? (Together with its docking station/charger)

Price: RMB1280 (About $153)

[Picutre] SonyEricsson HBH-300 Bluetooth Earphone

[News] Ultrawideband supported by Intel, TI and Motorola

This new technology will provide a download speed of 1Gbps and upload speed of 480Mbps. Sony, Philips and Panasonic also wecome the new standard.

Source. (in Chinese)

[Picture] Dopod 700

[Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infrared] Dopod 700

[Taipei, Oct. 12th] Dopod released the world's first Wi-Fi/GSM compatiable cell phone Dopod 700. It supports GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and 802.11b Wi-Fi network. Other features include 3.5in TFT screen, bluetooth/infrared compatiable, built-in camera, QWERTY keyboard and 224MB RAM. Skype is also included in the software CD.

Price: 29,800 Taiwan Dollars (about $879)

Monday, October 11, 2004

[News] Bluetooth shirt for the elderly

[Singapore, Oct. 11th] Scientists in Singapore have invented a high-tech shirt designed to send out an alert if an elderly person suffers a fall, a product expected to be in great demand among Singapore's rapidly ageing population.

Using Bluetooth wireless technology, the shirt will send a signal to a mobile phone or computer which will then alert relatives and friends of the victim with a call, SMS message or email, the Straits Times reported today.

Full story.

[Picture] ePay Bluetooth Pocket Spectrum

[Bluetooth] ePay Bluetooth Pocket Spectrum

[Los Angeles, Oct. 8th] ePay announced the final release and newest addition to its Wireless ePay product line the Bluetooth Pocket Spectrum. The all-in-one Bluetooth card swiper and printer has been integrated into the Wireless ePay program which can work with any J2ME and MIDP 2.0 supported phone on any network including Cingular, TMobile, Nextel, Verizon and AT&T. The new Bluetooth integrated device allows such phone as the Nokia 6600, 6620, 6230, 7610 and other Nokia Series 60 phones as well as phones like the Sony P900 and HP iPAQ to communicate directly with the card swiper and printer to process credit card transactions wirelessly.

More information on Wireless ePay.

[News] "Wireless USB is the key to the future", NEC said

In February, NEC Electronics, Agere Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Microsoft, Philips Semiconductors and Samsung Electronics formed the Wireless USB Promoter Group to work on the system's specification. The specification is to be based on a 480mbps transfer speed, which is comparable to the current wired USB 2.0 standard, and will feature wireless high data throughput with low power consumption for distances under 10m, according to Intel. The group is now near to defining version 1.0 of the wireless USB standard.

Full Story.

[Picture] Frogpad Bluetooth iFrog

[Bluetooth] Frogpad Bluetooth iFrog

[Hangzhou, Oct. 11th] This bluetooth keyboard can be used with your PDA and also your PC. It supports Pocket PC, Palm OS, Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It is compact and portable with full-sized keys and has total functionality of regular keyboard. "There is no other competition."

Official site.

Price: $225 at

[Picture] XB-Comm Xbox Bluetooth controller and headset LM616

[Bluetooth] XB-Comm Xbox Bluetooth controller and headset LM616

[Wuhan, Oct. 11th] Although the controller itself looks sort of janky, the Hip Gear XB-Comm Bluetooth Wireless Controller & Headset has a cool trick. Even though the headset itself is wired, it connects to the controller, which then uses Bluetooth to communicate back to the Xbox itself, allowing you to play Xbox Live and scream at your idiot friends essentially wire-free. Now maybe somebody will release a Bluetooth headset that connects wireless to the controller that then uses a different frequency to connect to the Xbox.

Official site.

[Picture] MSI MEGA PLAYER 516 BT

[Bluetooth] MSI MEGA PLAYER 516 BT

[Beijing, Oct. 11th] This MSI product supports Bluetooth “Handsfree” function. You can use it with your bluetooth cell phone to listen to MP3, display call-in numbers and even record your calls (make sure you use it legally!)

Official site.

[Picture] Pretec Bluetooth GPS

[Bluetooth] Pretec Bluetooth GPS and Bluetooth GPS MINI

[Beijing, Oct. 11th] reports the release of Pretec Bluetooth GPS and Bluetooth GPS MINI.

The first one provides real time navigation data to mobile devices such as PDA, Tablet PC and Notebook. The build-in battery can last minimum 12 hours in continuous operation mode. Efficient power management and excellent receiving performance. The function of Data-Logger can provide off-line data logging capability and keep more than 30,000 records of data bank for analysis. It can be integrated as wireless and mobile data logger for any fleet management, logistics and dangerous goods transportation.

The second one differs in that it has no RAM and can only be used together with your PDA or Notebook.

Official site.

Price: $254.95 at eXpansys USA, $182.95 for the mini one.

[Picture] Motorola RAZR V3 Cell Phone

[Bluetooth] Motorola RAZR V3 Cell Phone

[Singapore, Oct. 8th] Motorola introduced its most important cell phone this year, RAZR V3. News on the internet says that this cell phone has a bluetooth range of 100 metres. (See which is in Chinese). Though no more information can be found on the official website.

A review from Another review from Mobiledia.

Price: $899 at

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